Reviews: ‘We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer’ (Album)


KERRANG! Magazine “A stunning album that crushes on several different levels at once…” KKKK 

Metal Hammer “British metal masters reach a new high ground” 8/10 

That’s Not Metal Podcast (Episode ‘Sexy Clowns’ 13/10/2017) 

Ghost Cult Magazine “it’s particularly impressive that they have once again delivered an album of that caliber. It’s certainly the best album I’ve heard in a long while, and I’ve heard some phenomenal albums lately” 9.5/10 Full review here

Distorted Sound “There is so much going on with this record, delivering on a plethora of levels and constantly throwing up little nuances and moments for people to enjoy… this is absolutely scintillating stuff” 9/10 Full review here

AngryMetalGuy “This King is not Blind, it glares into our cesspit souls, strips back the hate rhetoric and theistic allusions and grimaces at our evolutionary arc” Full review here

Nine Circles “as the world burns we will have one of the loudest and most powerfully built soundtracks to watch it go down in flames” Full review here

Heavy Blog Is Heavy “there are those bands who (for any number of reasons) simply ooze the ideal of heavy metal, no matter which way you look at them, so that their status as a nothing less than a fucking heavy metal band cannot be denied. The King is Blind are one of those”  Full review here

No Clean Singing “‘We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer’ is the sort of album which reminds you why you got into Extreme Metal in the first place, filled to bursting with vim, vigour, and a barely repressed sense of impending violence. Full review here

Ave Noctum “I can assure you that The King Is Blind have a new fan in me.” 8/10 Full review here

Echoes & Dust “…we are left in no doubt that these guys have distilled the best bits of extreme metal into a potent mixture” Full review here

Brutalism  “a fantastic mix of fast, brutal, slow and doom laden, and melodic when-needs-be metal” Full review here

Heavy Metal Overload “The highlights are many” 4/5 Full review here

The Soundboard “a lot to unpack, something that a lesser band would find far too daunting to even attempt, let alone pull off effectively. But The King Is Blind are not a lesser band” 8/10 Full review here

DoomedToDarkness “if  you  are  a  fan  of  d-beat,  doom  and  death  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  album” 8/10  Full review here