Reviews: ‘The Deficiencies Of Man’ (EP)

Kerrang: KKKK

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Terrorizer (7.5/10)

Terrorizer Review






Metal Breakdown

Cack Blabbath:

“The King Is Blind already look to be one of the most exciting bands on the British extreme metal scene.”

Echoes and Dust:

“Some of the most exciting tracks in death metal I’ve heard in a while.”

Ghost Cult:

“Drawing comparisons to Celtic Frost, but with the touch and heft of the best modern bands… powerful, aggressive Metal that embraces its heritage without wallowing in empty nostalgia.”

Ave Noctum:

“The King may be blind, but the music has 20/20 vision so far as I can see – definitely one to keep an ear out for”

Cranial Forge:

“too big for any one subgenre. It is monumental metal for jaded ‘heads; a new high-water mark for extreme metal”

Heavy Metal Tribune:

“I already can’t wait to hear what else the band will be able to put together on their first full length album”

“This band could go places. Fast”

Sea of Tranquillity:

“If this band wants to give us more songs like this, I’m ready.”

Dead Rhetoric:

“Things shift from the fast and furious to the slow and doomy, without the band missing a step.”

Wonderbox Metal:

“This is a great collection of songs”

Metal Recusants:

“It’s extremely satisfying to hear something fresh”

Metal As Fuck:

“A steaming, aggressive bastard of an EP that draws together everything that’s good about extreme metal”

Doomed To Darkness:

“Another  great  sounding  recording  from  The  King  Is  Blind”

Two Guys Metal Reviews:

“The King is Blind have proven their ability to deliver”

Metal Descent:

“Really tweaked my death metal g-spot.”




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