Reviews: ‘Our Father’ (Album)


Metal Hammer: “a devastatingly potent and exciting heavy metal album that could have genuine crossover potential.” 8/10 (Dom Lawson) Read the full review here

Kerrang!: “a good measure of gut-slicing grooves and morbid suspense.”  KKKK (Amit Sharma) Read the full review here

That’s Not Metal: “Just a fucking incredible heavy metal record” Beez (‘Splish Splash I Was Having Abbath’ episode). Download from iTunes or Soundcloud.

Ave Noctum: ‘Our Father’ is meaty – unbelievably meaty – and very, very British. It’s like a steak cocktail comprising a healthy dose of Bolt Thrower, early Paradise Lost and a dash of early My Dying Bride shaken furiously by the hands of Mr Thomas Gabriel Fischer.” 8.5/10 – Read the full review here

Heavy Metal Overload: “The album to beat if anyone out there wants to take the coveted HMO Album of the Year 2016 spot” Read the full review here

Beneath The Surface: “…the most powerful UK death metal album since Paradise Lost were in their prime” – Read the full review here

Black Pheonix Rising: “Fresh and invigorating… an exceptionally strong release” 10/10 Read the full review here

Burning Fist: “Captivating from the opening blasts right the way through to the ending cacophony (ahem!), ‘Our Father’ is a testament to strong story telling, dynamics and keen songwriting.” Read the full review here

Cack Blabbath: “A juicy serving of everything we love about extreme music; and by God, it is tasty…” Read the full review here

Ghost Cult: “A powerful, savage journey with segments reflecting the moods it successfully portrays, this isn’t merely a great debut. It’s a bloody classic.” 9/10  Read the full review here

Angry Metal Guy: “Almost 30 years after the release of Death‘s Scream Bloody Gore, its satisfying to find a handful of albums still capable of imbuing the genre with the incipient malevolence and tenebrosity that the scene sprang from in the first place. Our Father is definitely and defiantly one of those releases”. Read the full review here

Metal Recusants: “simply outstanding. The King is Blind have made the album they were born to make.” Read the full review here

Music Trespass: “The King is Blind have delivered a monumental album.” Read the full review here

No Clean Singing: “With just the right amount of depth and nuance to allow it to be enjoyed on both a conceptual level and a purely cathartic one, as well as an almost unparalleled degree of sheer power and conviction in its merciless execution, this is one album capable of going toe-to-toe with the very best of them” Read the full review here

Metal Temple: “It’s a hugely impressive record and one that demonstrates just how good Extreme Metal can be when played with commitment and passion” 9/10 Read the full review here

OneMetal: “Metal is all inclusive, and every so often a band comes along that could unite fans old and young, from all walks of life and subgenre. In 2016, that band is The King Is Blind.” Read the full review here

Rock n Reel: “A cathartic experience that only the best of albums can channel.” Read the full review here

RockSins: “Our Father is an absolutely outstanding debut” 9/10 Read the full review here

RoomThirteen: “One of the most exciting Metal albums from a ‘new’ band in years.” Read the full review here

DoomedToDarkness: “Another  great  sounding  recording  from  The  King  Is  Blind  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  doom  and  death  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  album.” 8/10 Read the full review here

Scribes of Metal: “This is a name you’ll be hearing a lot more of over the coming years.” 8/10 Read the full review here