About Us

The King Is Blind:

Stephen John Tovey – Pharynx & Larynx

Lee James Appleton – Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Paul Alan Ryan-Reader – Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Barnaby Joseph Monger – Drums

Ceri Monger – Bass

Genre: Apocalyptic post-Grind / Metal

Five brand new songs streaming. The countdown to Armageddon begins.

#TKIBIIIArmageddon at www.thekingisblind.bandcamp.com



We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer (Album – Calva Records – 2017)

Our Father (Album – Cacophonous – 2016)

The Deficiencies of Man (EP – Mordgrimm – 2014)

Photo by Kieran Wakeman

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