The King Is Blind:

Stephen John Tovey – Pharynx & Larynx

Lee James Appleton – Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Paul Alan Ryan-Reader – Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Barnaby Joseph Monger – Drums

Ceri Monger – Bass

Genre: Monolithic Metal

Formed in 2013, The King Is Blind have rapidly established themselves as an metal outfit of force and credibility.

A band of pedigree, The King Is Blind combine the premier elements of Death, Doom and HEAVY Metal to create a fearsome package of Monolithic Metal, backed by blistering and skull-shattering live performances. Hailing from East Anglia (UK), The King Is Blind perform dark, aggressive music with an impressive narrative arc and genuinely terrifying majesty.


We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer (Album – Calva Records – 2017)

Our Father (Album – Cacophonous – 2016)

The Deficiencies of Man (EP – Mordgrimm – 2014)


Photo by Kieran Wakeman


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